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Alike DR is a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery solution for environments of all sizes. We know that you can’t waste time or resources when disaster strikes. That’s why we have designed a reliable, simple BDR solution that works when you need it the most. Try Alike DR’s advanced suite of features with our 30-day free trial license key, and see what Alike can do for you.

Fast, Flexible, Featherlight

With advanced features, flexible scheduling options, and our unrivaled global deduplication, you can reduce your I/O operations and backup windows, increase job speed, and get optimal performance without taking up valuable storage space.

Agent or Agentless Backups

Alike provides the option to use our exclusive Q-Hybrid technology, which lets you bypass hypervisor snapshots and quickly backup VMs directly, or choose our Enhanced (agentless) backups for any job. Both methods are 100% compatible, giving you 100% scalability.

Personable, Expert Support

We include full access to technical support with our 30-day free trial of Alike DR, and when you buy either edition of Alike, you get a full year of personable technical support and expert advice on optimizing Alike’s performance. Plus, Alike’s web-based console automatically connects to our Knowledge Base for easy troubleshooting.

Simple Web-Based UI

With Alike’s simple, web-based UI, you can easily schedule or check the status of any job, manage and license hosts, access your settings, and get support, all from any computer or mobile device. Protect your environment anywhere, any time, from any device.

Backup & Vault to the Cloud

Alike DR offers cross-platform support for virtual and physical platforms. True replication and offsite vaulting capabilities allow you to backup to and restore from any offsite location, including the cloud. Get peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure during a disaster.

Full Protection. Zero Downtime

Protect and restore the memory of your running systems without disrupting your production environment with our disk and memory state backups. Instant file-level recovery and independent drive selection also allow for flexible integration with existing backup systems.

Easy To Install. Easy To Use. Free To Try.