Backup Solutions

Alike Backup Solutions

Alike is an enterprise backup and recovery solution for Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Windows servers. Alike secures your data and protects your business from even the worst disaster, while minimizing downtime. Your IT team won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ve got this.

Alike Standard

Alike Standard provides secure backup functionality with a robust set of user-friendly features, providing nearly hands-free operation. With Alike, your IT staff can focus their attention on other important business requirements.

Impressive Compression Ratios

The best storage savings available from the industry’s leading global deduplication capabilities. Save space, bandwidth, time, and money with our enterprise backup features.

Data Corruption Protection

Automatic data validation and self-healing technologies prevent disruptive data corruption and provide peace of mind.

Scale Up or Down

Alike’s robust functionality offers the same powerful features that allow you to scale up or down without outpacing Alike’s capabilities.

Cross-Platform VM Protection

Alike’s cross-platform support allows you to use one interface to seamlessly backup and restore VMs in XenServer or Hyper-V.

Flexible Deployment Options

Unlike competing solutions that require an expensive hardware appliance, you can deploy Alike inside your existing infrastructure.

Minimize System Resources

The Alike architecture enables you to conserve valuable storage, bandwidth, and memory resources.

Easy To Install. Easy To Use. Free To Try.