Alike Video Tutorial: Adding a Hyper-V Host


Adding a Hyper-V Host

In 2013, we expanded our user base and announced that our Alike BDR solution will support Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to Citrix XenServer. This also meant that the Hyper-V platform would work seamlessly with XenServer. In Alike DR, users can backup, replicate, and restore across virtual and physical platforms for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

The redesigned web-based user interface in the newly released Alike v4.0 makes it even easier to add a virtual host sever at any time. From the “Manage Hosts” window in the Alike Management Console, simply select the Hyper-V platform (as seen in the image above), fill in your host settings, hit test, then save, and your licensing will be automatically validated.

Note: Make sure you have enough Alike licenses to cover all the sockets in the new host. Otherwise, that host will be saved as an unlicensed host. Also be sure to check the “License this system?” before you test the host address if you wish to license the new Hyper-V host.

Once you’ve saved your new Hyper-V host, you can protect any guest on that host, or schedule jobs for all the guests on any Hyper-V host with our drag and drop feature. This allows you to protect all the VMs on the selected Hyper-V host without having to add each one manually, ensuring that future VMs added to that host are also protected.

Stay tuned for our next video overview of all the enhancements in Alike v4.1.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video tutorial. We hope you will take the time to browse all of our videos. Our goal is to demonstrate that Alike is designed to maximize flexibility and minimize downtime and the footprint on your environment. Along with our expertise in XenServer, the ability to support Microsoft Hyper-V is just one of the many reasons Quadric Software’s Alike is the leading BDR solution for IT professionals and organizations around the world.

If you have questions or suggestions for videos on other useful tips or on the advanced features in Alike, please feel free to contact our Marketing Department.

About Alike

Flexible, affordable, and easy to use, Alike offers a competitive suite of powerful backup and recovery solutions for XenServer, Hyper-V, and Windows physical platforms. The Alike DR disaster recovery features include enhanced replication and offsite vaulting to secure your assets and protect your business from disaster, while minimizing downtime and maximizing your system’s valuable resources. Put simply, we make software to make your life easier.

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