Alike v4.2 Offers Faster Backup Performance

Not only does Alike v4.2 offer faster backup performance, but it’s also the most efficient version of Alike yet! We’ve accomplished a lot of work under the hood for ludicrously fast backup performance and optimizing efficiency through multiple processing enhancements, ultimately increasing the overall speed of subsequent backups. With backups now up to 50% faster,* we are proud to introduce the most powerful version of Alike ever released.

What’s New in 4.2?

faster backup performance and faster compression times

Multiple processing enhancements and algorithmic optimizations all work in tandem to accomplish faster compression, faster read times, and ultimately faster backups.

lowered overall processing requirements

Lowered the overall processing requirements so that v4.2 uses less CPU and I/Os through optimizing our streamed data compression, this release is even more efficient and more powerful than v4.1.

added new bottleneck feature for easy troubleshooting

New Bottleneck Analysis feature allows users to find performance issues quickly and easily with instant bottleneck detection notes and displays tips when congestion is detected.

Faster Backup Performance Puts Alike v4.2 in Ludicrous Speed

alike v4.2 backups are in ludicrous speed

Because we optimized key backup processes to perform several tasks in parallel, we have drastically improved the backup performance in Alike v4.2. How drastically? We are pleased to announce that backups are now up to 50% faster according to our internal tests. This means less total job time for subsequent backups.*

The impressive speed of subsequent backups in 4.2 is produced by synchronizing the new enhancements to work together under the hood and improve performance. Below you will find a more detailed list of the release highlights. For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, please visit our release notes for v4.2.

Alike 4.2 Release Highlights

optimized compression algorithm

We optimized our streamed data compression with LZ4 algorithm, which resulted in significantly faster compression and decompression times, as well as less processing load during data acquisition, validation, and restores.

updated ABD virtual appliance in XenServer

We updated our ABD (Alike Backup Delegate) virtual appliance in XenServer to a more recent, more stable kernel for optimal security, networking performance and compatibility.

improved read and scan times

We improved read and scan times with the addition of processing isolation and an overhaul of work parallelization.

optimized Alike's cryptographic and data processing algorithms

We fully optimized Alike’s cryptographic and data processing algorithms to leverage extended CPU instruction sets and other intrinsics, resulting in greatly increased processing rates, while achieving a significant net reduction on system load.

performance insights with new bottleneck analysis feature

User performance insights improved with new Bottleneck Analysis feature, which provides live bottleneck and performances notes and suggestions after each job.

improved early detection of data corruption

Alike’s ephemeral data method and format strengthened to greatly improve early detection of data corruption or environmental issues that could affect backup performance.

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*Please Note: Our internal tests do not represent every environment. Performance may vary depending on the user’s environment. Also note that improved speed is for subsequent backups only. For tips on improving initial backup speed, see our KB article.

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