Shocking New Data Backup Study

36 percent of enterprises backup their data fully, which is great, but is offset by the 36 percent of those who do no backups at all

Data Backup Study by CloudBerry

The opening quote was taken from an article in Solutions Review about the recently released data backup study by CloudBerry Lab. The new data backup study provides some shocking results about how often enterprise businesses backup vital data.

This was one of the most recent studies on enterprise backup methods and habits. CloudBerry surveyed more than 400 full-time IT employees from companies worldwide, from March 26th to April 1st, 2016.

According to Solutions Review, the study also reveals that “while many businesses are modernizing their backup strategies through the use of cloud backup and automation, many organizations are still using outdated approaches, with one-third of respondents reporting that they have not yet deployed the appropriate level of backup that is needed.”

These statistics are staggering, especially given the number of affordable, easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery solutions available, such as Alike DR. To demonstrate the staggering number of companies that regularly lose data, don’t backup often enough, or don’t backup at all, we’ve created an infographic based on the results of the data backup study. Citations are located below the image.


Infographic based on results from the study by CloudBerry. For the full results, visit their website.

Quotations in text and image were taken from an article by Solutions Review Backup and Recovery.

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