Quadric Software Named One of the Top 20 Virtualization Solution Providers of 2016

top virtualization solution providers for xen backup

Top Virtualization Solution Providers of 2016

CIO Review recently named Quadric Software as one of the Top 20 Virtualization Solution Providers of 2016. CEO, Phil Baskette, shares his thoughts in an interview printed in the June 2016 edition of CIO Review. In the interview, Baskette discusses what’s behind Quadric’s success, as well as the release of Alike 4.5 with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for Citrix XenServer, and what the company has in store for the future.

CIO Review’s Managing Editor, Jeevan George, explains that virtualization solution providers “simplify IT operations and allow organizations to respond faster to changing business demands.” Quadric Software understands that those changing business demands in today’s virtualization world make business continuity and disaster recovery that much more essential. This award was given to Quadric Software because of the company’s demonstrated success in helping their customers protect their data through a solution that was designed with the user’s actual needs in mind.

Quadric Software has always been one of the leading enterprise backup and recovery virtualization solution providers for the XenServer market. This year, the company introduced Alike 4.0, which includes multiple enhancements for the fastest backups Alike had ever provided. More recently, the company made a huge leap forward as the leading BDR solution for XenServer by being the first to introduce Changed Block Tracking for the Xen platform with Alike v4.5. Almost as soon as it was released, customers were raving about how fast the backup jobs are with CBT.

This powerful feature has also made an enormous impact on the entire XenServer community. Alike can now complete backup and replication jobs for XenServer in a tiny fraction of the time that it took with previous versions. This has also garnered the attention of Quadric’s major competitors. No other solution offers the power and speed of Alike’s CBT for XenServer. Nor can any other company compete with Alike’s global deduplication, which consistently provides impression compression rates.

“Alike is the most popular BDR solution for Citrix XenServer for a reason—we are by far the most dedicated to the platform,” explains Quadric Software CEO, Phil Baskette, adding, “Alike’s new CBT feature, combined with unmatched deduplication, offers the best performance and the most storage savings for XenServer environments, and no other solution can make the same claim about the speed and efficiency that Alike’s CBT provides.”

IT professionals around the world trust Alike to protect their environments, and the company has seen a recent surge of new customers who have left other BDR solutions for Alike because it is incredibly easy to use and offers enterprise functionality at an affordable price.

In a concluding statement, Baskette says, “Whenever we expand our data protection features, it’s with the goal to help IT Administrators reduce their workload, save them money, and secure their backup environments to provide a quick recovery. We are proud to say that the new CBT feature reflects this mission and represents one of the many reasons CIO Review has recognized us as trailblazers in the virtualization movement.”

To learn more about Alike v4.5 and CBT for XenServer, visit the Quadric Software blog.

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Quadric Software offers enterprise BDR solutions at affordable prices for Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Windows physical servers.. Alike – the data protection software IT pros know and trust. No other solution offers the power and speed of Alike’s Changed Block Tracking for XenServer.

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Flexible, affordable, and easy to use, Alike offers a competitive suite of powerful backup and recovery solutions for Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Windows physical platforms. The Alike DR disaster recovery features include enhanced replication and offsite vaulting to secure your data and protect your business from disaster, while minimizing downtime and maximizing your system’s valuable resources. Put simply, we make software to make your life easier. Start your no-obligation, 30-day free trial today.

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