Retry Failed VM Backup


Recently, we added a new feature that allows Alike to retry failed backups of individual VMs during a backup job. You can easily define how many times Alike will retry failed VM backups in the job properties.

This nuanced feature is beneficial because it will only retry the VM that failed to backup instead of running the entire job again. For instance, if you have a backup job that contains 10 source systems, and two of those VMs fail, Alike will only retry those two VMs for the number of times you configured.

Alike’s default number of retry attempts for VM backup failure is zero. To configure Alike to retry failed VMs one or more times in either a new, or existing backup job, look for the option in the new/edit job window under “Misc. options” (see image at top).

Keep in mind this option is for backups only. Currently, we don’t have this option for failed VMs during a replication or restore job. You can always contact us if you have any questions about Alike’s new option to automatically retry a failed VM backup.

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