CBT vs CBD oil

For some odd reason, we get a lot of confusion around CBT (Change block tracking) vs CBD (Cannabidiol), or CBD oil.

What is CBT?

Change Block Tracking (CBT) is a technology that can greatly reduce the time it takes to perform a backup, or replication job.  By keeping track of the data that has actually changed between backups, CBT allows an extremely efficient means to quickly identify and protect only the new backup data.  This can save significant amounts of I/Os on a linear read of the disks being protected, and minutes or hours from your backups.

What is CBD oil?

CBD on the other hand is a compound found in the plant cannabis sativa, which can either be the completely legal industrial hemp, or the illegal marijuana. CBD derived from hemp is fully legal in the United States, as are all products derived from hemp.

So, as a Vermont based company, if you’re here looking for CBD oil, we recommend our friends and neighbors at Vesper Farms, who make Vermont Maple CBD oil from 100% local Vermont hemp.

Because CBD has nothing whatsoever to do with a backup solution, we cannot say if it will help in any way beyond manage the stress of your job.

However, if you are looking for CBT based backups, we wholehearted recommend the best XenServer backup solution available on the market today- Quadric Software’s Alike (A2)!

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