Alike Admin Guide (v4)


Licensing Options

Alike comes in two editions: Standard or DR. The edition of Alike determines which features you have access to.

However, Alike can also protect both virtual and physical environments. The license type (Virtual or Physical) determines what systems you are able to protect.

Please Note: While you can add both physical and virtual license keys to the same Alike installation, you cannot mix both Standard and DR licenses. Please keep this in mind when determining your licensing requirements.

Virtual License

These license keys all you to protect either Citrix XenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V environments (or combination of both). When a hypervisor host is licensed, Alike allows you to protect all VMs that run on that host.

Physical License

This license key allows you to protect Windows-based physical servers.

Please Note: a Physical License cannot be used to protect a hypervisor host server.

Finally, Alike is licensed per CPU Socket. To protect a system, you will need 1 license for each CPU Socket in that system. Please do not confuse CPU Sockets with CPU Cores. CPU Sockets are physical processing units in the hypervisor host server, while CPU Cores are logical processors.

For additional licensing information, please visit our Licensing FAQ.