Alike Admin Guide (v4)


Performance Tips

Here are some performance and configuration tips when setting up Alike v4:

  • The Alike Server must be able to route to your XenServer/Hyper-V hosts.
  • Your hypervisor hosts, ABDs, and guests protected by Q-Hybrid jobs need to route back to your ADS.
  • Select a CIFS share for your ADS (Alike Data Store) that is reliable and capable of scaling to meet your needs.
  • When possible, ensure your ADS storage can support a newer version of SMB (3+)
  • Ensure the Alike Server has quality, reliable storage as well.
  • Higher performance local disks on the Alike Server can improve Alike’s performance significantly.
  • First-time backups always take longer to complete. Consider running initial backups manually before using scheduling them.
  • Try running Alike’s ‘auto tune’ job, which will run light benchmarks on your systems, and adjust some Alike settings according to the results.