Alike support for XCP-ng

Alike v4.6 officially supports XCP-ng 7.4

Recently, an open-source, community driven fork of XenServer has been gaining popularity.  Due to some feature changes introduced in XenServer 7.3, the old XCP (Xen Cloud Platform) project has been revived to provide all of the features of the XenServer platform in a free, open-sourced offering.

We are happy to announce, that Alike DR and Alike Standard (v4.6.3) has passed all compatibility testing with XCP-ng v 7.4.0. Furthermore, VMs protected on either XenServer or XCP-ng are fully inter-operable, meaning they can be restored, or replicated to either platform seamlessly.

XCP-ng ISO downloads (7.4.0)

Md5sum: ea2a9b90218537b546d1f399ae2ace95

Please note:
The current mainline Citrix XenCenter will not connect to XCP-ng servers, so you will need to upgrade/install the related XCP-ng “XenAdmin” tool (XenCenter fork).  Currently the XenAdmin (XenCenter) installer is not included in the XCP-ng isos, so you must download and install it separately.

As a convenience, we have included a compiled (7zip) installer of XenAdmin (XenCenter) compatible with both XCP-ng and XenServer systems:

XenAdmin Installer (7z) – 12MB

Md5sum: 2b8c1ac4433630106f8bfd5ffa79669d

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