Per-Socket Plan
Per-VM Plan

Choose your Alike options

Select the number of Hypervisor hosts (Xen or Hyper-V) you want to protect, and choose an Alike edition.
All licenses include one year of technical support and software upgrades.

Estimate your Monthly Usage

The Per-VM plan bills at the end of the month based on the number of VMs you've protected.
Plan include software support and upgrades.

This plan gives you offsite vaulting, replication, and instant restore. Everything in Alike DR!

Number of Host Sockets:
Subscription is priced per CPU socket
for each protected host.

Calculate the number of CPU sockets
for each host you want to protect
to get the total number of
you need.
If you need further assistance,
please contact us
Helloder! Number of VMs:
Subscription is priced per VM

Estimate the number of VMs
you need to protect each month.
You will only be billed for the VMs
you actually protect on a given month.
Please note there is a 5-VM monthly
minimum charge.

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Select Alike Edition:
Standard Edition
Unlimited Deduplicated Backups
Unlimited Protected VMs
DR Edition
Unlimited Backups & VMs per Host. Plus, Instant Restore, VM Replication, Offsite Vaulting, and Cloud Storage option with Amazon S3.
Select Plan Period:
Monthly Plan
Pay by Month
Yearly Plan (Save 12%!)
Pay by Year
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  • Per-VM plans carry a 5 VM monthly minimum.
  • All subscriptions include support maintenance.
  • For larger orders, please contact sales for assistance.

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