Alike v4.0

Alike v4.0 is our most intuitive, powerful, and cost-effective version of Alike yet. Since 2008, we have been committed to being the go-to backup solution for Citrix XenServer, and with each version of Alike, we have strengthened that commitment with enhancements based on customer feedback and the changing landscape of the industry.

We expanded Alike’s platform to support Microsoft Hyper-V, and a variety of physical systems to meet those demands and to make our products accessible to a wider audience. Now, Alike v4.0 offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide exceptional user experience and a highly efficient and affordable way to backup and recover your data.

Intuitive Web Interface

Alike v4.0 introduces a sleek, new web-based management console that provides increased simplicity, speed, and visibility to your backup and disaster recovery needs. You can now manage your data remotely from any computer or mobile device, and backup to the cloud with Amazon S3.

In addition, the new drag and drop feature allows you to create new jobs in just a few clicks. You also have complete control over your physical and virtual hosts with the ability to adjust licensing at any time.

With Alike’s powerful Policy based backups, you can automatically select and include VMs based on a dynamic keyword, or you can even protect all the systems on a particular host, ensuring that all your VMs are protected without manually managing them. In addition, Policy backups allow you to automatically manage your backups using your existing organizational systems, tying into server naming conventions, XenServer tags, etc.

With advanced UI features and cloud connectivity, you and your IT team can focus on other tasks and leave the backups to us. Safely and securely manage your data anywhere, any time, from any device with Alike v4.0.

Powerful Performance

We have drastically increased the power of Alike v4.0’s platform through boosting I/O performance, simplifying configuration tasks, and providing clear insight into statistics and troubleshooting.

We’ve also completely rebuilt Alike DR’s Offsite Vaulting in v4.0 to support optimal performance and better data management, and its durability can handle any environment. One of the biggest changes in Alike DR’s offsite vaulting feature is that it now supports Amazon’s S3 cloud storage.

Key Performance Improvements

  • Offsite Vaulting I/O performance improved, in some cases up to 90%
  • Improved scalability and performance of system functions with enhanced WAL DB operations
  • Alike can select the optimal location to recover from, if versions exist in multiple locations
  • Significantly improved hypervisor/guest metain formation collection process
  • New many to many support for restore/replication job allows flexible recovery
  • Streamlined background operations reduce IOps across the board
  • DHCP support for ABD appliances eliminate configuration in most environments
  • Improved Q-Hybrid approach to system/utility drive protection

A complete list of all improvements and additions can be found in our v4.0 Release Notes.

Efficient and Affordable

With the ability to connect to the cloud, added to Alike’s unrivaled deduplication and key performance enhancements, you can provide site level protection anywhere with more efficiency than ever. Either edition of Alike (Standard or DR) is even more affordable with our new scalable licensing model.

Alike licenses are now sold per socket, which means you can scale up or down to fit the data security needs of your organization. Best of all, you won’t have to spend your entire IT budget on BDR software.* For more questions about licensing, please see our Licensing FAQ, or contact our friendly sales team directly. You can also test out Alike DR in your environment with our 30-day free trial to see everything Alike has to offer.

Ready to Buy?

If you are ready to purchase Alike, our team is always happy to deliver a custom quote based on the protection you want. We’ll work with you to determine which edition is best for your environment and needs. Get your quote today!

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*We’re proud to offer special pricing for Academic Non-Profits and Military/Government Organizations, as well as volume discounting for larger organizations.

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