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Alike Release Notes v4.6

Date Added November 28, 2016

Target Platforms:   XenServer, Physical Systems, Hyper-V

Alike v4.6 includes some exciting performance improvements for Hyper-V, including Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and support for HV2016. With increased backup speeds, improved job performance, and less I/O required, updating to the latest version of Alike can save you time and work.

All users are encouraged to install (upgrade) to this release. Please contact us if you have any questions about updates or downloading the current version/build. Below you will find the complete Alike v4.6 release notes.

Current Build v4.6.3 7724
Updated: 9/7/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Increase Offsite Vaulting (S3) tolerance for ntp drift, preventing unnecessary timeout errors
  • Fix error in single pass backup and replicate jobs on Hyper-V that could cause an unbootable target replica


Previous Builds


Build v4.6.3 7642
Updated: 8/9/2018


  • Support for native 4k sector size storage hardware
  • Improved Q-Hybrid detection of unusual system/utility partition layouts
  • Data Export utility for migration to upcoming virtual appliance platform

Bug Fixes

  • Increase S3 tolerance for overwhelmed/intermittent local networks
  • Fix Offsite Vaulting crash when encountering hardware faults


Build v4.6.3 7201
Updated: 3/8/2018


  • Reduced memory overhead in BackupScheduler service for enviroments with large datasets

Bug Fixes

  • Improved logging and diagnostics for datastore functions
  • Improved error handling for XAPI 401 errors during CBT jobs
  • Fixed potential crash due to memory exhaustion during storage reclaim jobs

Build v4.6.2 7182
Updated: 2/22/2018


  • Added customizable setting to adjust the number of threads used during Offsite Vaulting delete operations (to improve performance) 

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for various (visual) issues in the Alike Web UI
  • Fixed an possible failure during snapshot cleanup in Citrix Native CBT backup based jobs


Build v4.6.2 7127
Updated: 2/22/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Improved detection of native CBT support for XenServer 7.3 host servers
  • Reduce "db is busy" errors via timing adjustments in retry handling during heavily loaded database access



Build v4.6.2 7124
Updated: 12/19/2017 


  • Added support for Citrix XenServer 7.3's native change block tracking (CBT) support to Alike's existing CBT functionallity.  This support will allow Alike's CBT backups to take significantly less storage space in the SR, as the previous CBT state is now stored in the new 'metadata only' format.

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminate crash during install when service account had improper privileges
  • Fixed improper handling of VMs containing the question mark (?) character in their names


Build v4.6.2 7103
Updated: 10/24/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issues related to database cotnention during metadata enumeration cycle.  "Database is busy" errors should be significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Corrected an error with host selection for the ABD dur file level restore jobs.


Build v4.6.1 6958
Updated: 06/08/2017 

Bug Fixes 

  • Corrects rare issue with Q-Hybrid backup against subsequent (non-boot) drives where GPT partitions are not handled correctly
  • Adds two recently introduced S3 regions to Amazon s3 vaulting options 

Build v4.6.0 6945
Updated: 05/18/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses database contention issue in VM enumeration
  • Fixes issue where enumeration jobs would not correctly update a VM when it moved to a different host due to environmental change

Build v4.6.0 6926
Updated: 05/04/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves host enumeration issue introduced in build 6885 (originally shipped on 4/13/17)

Build v4.6.0 6918
Updated: 05/04/2017


  • Adds manual drive exclusion functionality to Alike physical backup targets. Please note that drive exclusion is already available within the Alike UI for all Alike virtual backup targets

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminates an issue that causes vaults to hang due to transport deadlock on CIFS offsite vaulting
  • Improves offsite vaulting resiliency to networking issues when they occur at the beginning and end of vault transactions 

Build v4.6.0 6885
Updated: 04/13/2017


  • Adds configurable job retry feature for all backup jobs
  • Alike UI now automatically detects your browser localization
  • Reduced contention issues in VM enumeration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where latest error in a job is not summarized correctly in the UI
  • Addresses problem where uncleared dashboard notifications could pile up and cause UI sluggishness

Build v4.6.0 6850
Updated: 3/14/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue with Q-Hybrid backup volume detection against SBS 2011
  • XenServer Enhanced jobs now correctly report errors with snapshot cleanup and will cause job failures
  • Component-mode VSS for Q-Hybrid backups now fully interface with Exchange writers, truncating Exchange logs when appropriate

Build v4.6.0 6806
Updated: 1/23/2017

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue in Q-Hybrid paths where later Windows operating systems are not always detected

Build v4.6.0 6761
Updated: 12/15/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves issue introduced in 6737 where XenServer CBT backup jobs can appear to run normally without issue but inadvertently perform a full scan of the disk

Build v4.6.0 6746
Updated: 12/13/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses an issue where Alike S3 vaulting erroneously downloads an entire offsite database during the beginning of a vault rather than only the first 65 bytes

Build v4.6.0 6741
Updated: 12/01/2016

Performance Improvements

  • Introduces support for Hyper-V 2016
  • Adds CBT (Changed Block Tracking) For Hyper-V Enhanced Backups

Bug Fixes

  • Improves resilience of offsite Amazon S3 full restores
  • Resolves issue with offsite vaulting to Amazon S3 from a Windows 2003 host




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