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Alike Release Notes v3.5

Date Added November 24, 2014

Build 5638
Updated: 12/18/2014

Alike v3.5 is a substantial update for the software providing new features and many bugfixes.  
All users are encourage to upgrade to this release.


Alike Physical Production Release
- Alike now supports protection of physical Windows servers via its Q-Hybrid technology
- Full backup and replication support available for physical systems in Alike DR 
- Full restore to Xen or Hyper-v, as well as instant file recovery and restore to VHD(X)

Improved Support for All Hyper-V Platforms
- Hyper-V Checkpoint-based Backup Refactor
- Expanded support for VHDX formats
- Complete support for Gen1 and Gen2 VMs (backup and restore)

Alike Email Reports
- Newly redesigned notification emails      
- New weekly email summary report of all activity

Component-Level VSS Support for Q-Hybrid
- New, optional Q-Hybrid component-level VSS support added to include specific VSS writers

UEFI/GPT Disk Support
- GPT (GUID Partition) disk format support for Q-Hybrid backups, and File level restore
- EFI/UEFI hardware support for Q-Hybrid

Restore Directly to VHDX File Format
- Converted old OVF/OVA restores to a simpler and faster VHD/VHDX format

Support Features
- Alike read-only mode

UI Improvements
- Various UI responsiveness improvements
- First time installer wizard simplified


Functionality Fixes
- Support added for ADS with spaces in path    
- Hyper-V restores incorrectly defaulted to overwrite existing VM    
- Nic not being automatically created for Hyper-V restores
- Corrected flaw in differential restore
- ABD connections are  by firewall's TCP timeouts        
- XenServer 5.5 API compatability issue w/ missing memory_limits method

Reporting and Error Handling
- Mark VM versions as corrupt when required database entries are missing        
- Add an additional state (warning) to job notifications
- Bytes transferred now displays correctly on the activity page for replication jobs        
- Properly notifiy when adding a VM that exists in another job
- Hyper-V restore missing error handling when out of disk space        
- Log service startup failures to dashboard        
- Clarify WMI Remote Process error codes
- Error code cleanup and display code & error text in all cases
- Display of the job's type was missing/wrong in the Alike Manager in some cases

- Vaulting commit wait time increased, allowing for very slow environments

Minor Bugs
- Editing backup/replication jobs doesn't preserved Q-Hybrid settings        
- HV VHD restore path field is not checked        
- Recovery install ADS path nonsense        
- Allow user to close duplicate UI        
- UI launch crash        
- Query Function in VMs Selection is Broken for Replication        
- Editing scheduled restores caused them to be "one-time" or "immediate" jobs        
- Initial Setup Wizard bars advance for non-Xen pools        
- Fixed error when, if services have never started, UI won't open properly


Build 5638
- Fixed new bug where Q-Hybrid backups on XenServer would be followed immediately by an Enhanced Backup



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