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Alike Services Will Not Start

Date Added February 17, 2011

This article refers to an old version of Alike (v2.x). It is here or archival purposes only. Please refer to newer troubleshooting articles for more current information.


The most common reason why Alike's services won't start is due to service account credential problems.  Alike uses a service account for its BackupScheduler service, which must have the proper credentials to run.  In depth information on configuring and troubleshooting the Alike Service account can be found here.


If your service account is correct, and Alike still won't run, then most likely you will be provided with an error message in either the Alike Manager's dashboard, or the AlikeScheduler.log file, which is found under Settings->Notifications.

The following are common error messages found in the log:

BackupScheduler failed to connect to network BlockPath
BackupScheduler failed during directory pre-flight check.  Error: cannot write to Block Store
BackupScheduler failed to connect to network BlockPath. Windows Error: #

These errors occur when Alike cannot connect to its data store, which is configured under Settings->Storage. You should check that the path is readable, writable, and not full. If you experience a Windows 1219 error, please consult the following KB article from Microsoft:


BDB: Found # bdbfiles in the data store path that are not defined.
BDB cannot find expected BDBFile: #
These errors are produced if you have removed .BDB files from your Data Store path. If you have moved one or more BDB files and no longer have them available, your Alike install is unusable and you must reinstall. If you have restored your Data Store from tape or archive, please consult our KB article on Recovery.

BDB Consistency check failure.  BDBs are out of sync with the database.  Process will exit to avoid corruption.
This message appears if you have restored your BDBs from tape or archive, but your Alike installation itself is not from the same time, either because you started over with a new Alike install, or because the Alike install is newer than the BDBs you restored. Please see our KB article on recovering Alike here.

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