Near-Continuous Data Protection for XenServer in Alike v4.5

The Best Data Protection for XenServer

Quadric Software proudly introduces near-Continuous Data Protection for XenServer in Alike 4.5 with Enhanced backup and replication jobs. Jobs that took hours before can now be completed in a matter of minutes with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for XenServer 6.5 and up.

Even better, Alike fully supports XenServer 7 to help customers seamlessly upgrade to the latest version of Citrix XenServer. And we’ve updated Alike 4.5 with a ton of new enhancements and stabilizations. Our new infographic shows why Alike is still the leading solution for XenServer.

best data protection for xenserver

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How to Use New CBT Features

Because of its significant performance benefits, all customers who are able to use CBT (Changed Block Tracking) are encouraged to do so. Before using these features, please familiarize yourself with the requirements for this option and how to use it.

Please see our KB Article to learn more about the requirements and running the new job options. A full list of improvements and bug fixes can be found in the release notes.

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