Windows Server Backup and Recovery

windows server backup

Seamless Windows Server Backup and DR Solution

Alike’s P2V support incorporates Windows-based physical systems into your existing virtual disaster recovery plan through a single, simple, and seamless solution. Leveraging our unique Q-Hybrid, VSS snapshot technology, Alike’s physical Windows server backup and recovery options provide full protection of your physical environment.

Advanced Q-Hybrid Technology

Fully “Quiesced” VSS based snapshots for Windows based VMs (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint) ensure that critical applications are protected, including non-native drives, such as iSCSI initiated drives.

Optimal Backup Performance

Drastically improve backup performance with incremental forever file-system awareness and NTFS optimizations. Thanks to Alike’s industry-leading, global deduplication, save storage space with variable average reduction rates of 90% or more.

Web-Based User Interface

Easily schedule jobs, manage and license hosts, access your settings, view job status and performance statistics, and get technical support from any computer or mobile device with Alike’s easy-to-use web interface.

DR Protection Across Platforms

With Alike DR, you can schedule a high performance replication from your Windows physical systems to your XenServer or Hyper-V hypervisors. With cross-platform support, you can have a “standby VM” of your physical systems ready to be fired up when needed.

System Requirements
(for the computer running Alike software)

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP SP2 – 10*
  • Windows 2003 – 2016
  • 1GB Ram
  • 100MB disk space

Supported Platforms

  • Citrix XenServer 5.5 – 8.2
  • XCP 1.0 – 1.6
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (2008 R2 – 2016)

System Recommendations

  • Operating System: Server OS, 2008 or above
  • 4GB RAM
  • 5GB+ Disk Space

Backup Storage Requirements

  • Any CIFS compliant storage (or local storage on the Alike server)
  • Sufficient storage capability for your backup requirements

*Desktop installations of Alike are not recommended for production backups.

Can I get an Alike Physical Free Trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial or an instant quote for Alike Physical; however, you can always contact us for more information on what Alike Physical has to offer and to get a custom quote.

To request more information, or to get a customized quote for Alike Physical, please contact our Sales Department at, or call 800.688.8769 (option 1).

If you want to try out Alike DR for your virtual XenServer or Hyper-V environment, you can fill out our secure, online form.

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