Alike Backup Tips & Tricks: Tech Support and Best Practices

Welcome back to our Alike Backup Tips & Tricks Blog Series! In this post, we’ll show you how to resolve some common errors for certain error codes and messages, as well as efficient ways to get technical support. We’ll also provide some best practices for configuring the Alike Data Store (ADS).

Technical Support Tips

If you’re getting an error code or message in Alike, there may be an easy fix for it. One of the most common error messages that Alike users get is the “Failed to copy databases” error. Before opening a support ticket, try changing the “Archive internal databases every___hours” setting.

To do this, go to Tools–>System Settings–>Show Advanced Settings, and you will see that the default setting is undefined. If you set it to archive every 6 to 8 hours, that should resolve the error message. Click on the image below to see an animated version on how to change this setting.


Did You Know?

You can open a support ticket directly through the Alike UI? Go to Help–>Quadric Support, “I Need an Engineer,” and fill out the form. Or you can open a ticket directly from our website.

We also have a handy KB article on how to use Quadric support. To find other common error codes, see “Common Error Codes and Messages.”

Best Practice Tips for the Alike Data Store (ADS)

When configuring your Alike Data Store (ADS), we recommend using local accounts for authentication. Unlike Domain authentication, local authentication does not rely on the Active Directory, FQDNs, or other managed resources.

Setting up a local Alike Data Store (ADS) is similar to using a remote ADS. Read our KB article, “How to Setup a Local ADS,” for the full instructions.

Join us next time for more pro tips in our Alike Backup Tips & Tricks series! If you have some tricks you’d like us to discuss in this series, please use our Feedback Form to send us suggestions.

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