Advantages of the Quadric MSP Program

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This month we’re showing our appreciation for our partners around the world, from our resellers to our Managed Service Providers. In this week’s post, we’d like to take the opportunity to discuss some of the many advantages to our MSP program, providing our MSP partners access to Alike DR through flexible, monthly pricing based on actual usage.

We will get more into the monthly pricing benefits later on. First, here are some of the other main benefits to our MSP Advantage program:

  • Minimal upfront investment to help you meet your budgeting, RPO, and RTO goals.
  • Easy access to technical support and advice from our expert, friendly Technical Support Team.
  • Exclusive use of our online Partner Portal.
Enrolling in Quadric’s MSP Program

By enrolling in our MSP Advantage program, you can immediately start providing your customers full access to Alike DR, which includes backup and disaster recovery (full VM and granular file level restore), as well as VM replication and Offsite Vaulting (also includes the option to backup to and restore from the cloud with an Amazon S3 account).

Under the MSP Advantage program, you can protect all your customers, both hosted and on-premises, under the same licensing model. On-premises customers have instant access to restore from their local backup data, or directly from your datacenters. It is even possible to provide warm standby replication to your datacenters, rounding out their DR plan. For your hosted customers, in addition to the full backup/recovery options, you have the ability to replicate both data and VMs to secondary data centers, or to vault backups to Amazon’s S3 storage.

For more information on the best deployment option for you and your customers, please refer to our Alike Documentation Resources online. Or you can easily view all of our video tutorials directly from our website. You can always contact us, and we’d be happy to help you decide on the best protection options for you and your customers.

Competitive Pricing

Quadric’s MSP offers a highly competitive pricing structure. As mentioned above, there’s only a minimal upfront investment for monthly usage, rather than being required to purchase a perpetual license for your systems. Therefore, you only need to pay for the VMs that you are protecting for yourself or your customers, allowing you to scale up or down according to your needs and your customers’ protection requirements.

There’s also no enrollment fee required, outside the 6-month monthly minimums for the initial installment. That being said, we would like to point out that our per-VM costs are extremely low. Plus, the more VMs you protect for your own environment and across all of your clients, the higher the discount.

Overall, as an MSP partner, you only pay for what is used each month. For instance, if you and your customers only need to protect 25 VMs, you only pay for those VMs per month. When you log in to our Partner Portal, you can view your customers’ usage data and access their auto-generated monthly billing information. Additionally, because Alike is a software solution, there are no hardware appliances to purchase per customer.

With all of these MSP pricing benefits, you’ll be paying a fraction of what it would cost to purchase alternative solutions.

Partner Portal and Training Guides

With our self-service partner portal, you have complete control for managing your own Alike installation and the installations for your customers. Once you access the portal, you can install new customers, manage your existing customers, view customer usage information and performance statistics, get technical support, and much more.

We also provide access to a multitude of training and marketing materials to help you get started and ensure that you and your customers are running Alike as optimally as possible. Upon request, we do offer training sessions to any of our esteemed partners. To request training, simply drop our Sales Team a line at

Join the Quadric Family Today!

Whether you’ve tried Alike with our 30-day free trial, and you’re ready to start providing access to Alike DR for your customers, or you are interested in learning more about our MSP Advantage program, we invite you to fill out our online application form, or contact us for more details.

When you become an MSP Advantage member, you’re not just another partner to us; you are part of the Quadric family. Join us today and start taking advantage of the many benefits to being an MSP partner.

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