The A2 has launched!

Quadric Software Introduces Disruptive Virtual Backup Appliance

Quadric Software ships a completely revolutionary virtual appliance solution to compete against outmoded physical appliance rivals

Burlington, VT Oct. 17th, 2018: Quadric Software, a recognized leader in Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions, today announces the release of its A2 virtual appliance. The A2 meets or exceeds the performance of existing hardware appliances, without the expense or hardware lock-in.

“The A2 is far more scalable than a physical hardware-based backup solution,” says Phil Baskette, Quadric Software CEO. He adds, “It’s also more economical. Customers can run it on whatever hardware they prefer, because the A2 solution is agnostic.”

Quadric Software’s A2 is the next generation redesign of Alike. The leading XenServer certified backup solution since 2009, Alike was the first Citrix Ready XenServer backup solution and has since expanded to support Hyper-V. With the A2, Quadric Software now offers a turnkey virtual appliance solution that can be deployed on almost any server environment, while packing the power and scalability of a hardware appliance.

Quadric Software is also is rolling out a free edition of the A2, granting IT managers the independence to select, deploy, and scale their backups according to their needs. “This is about access,” adds Baskette. “Even small businesses deserve quality backups.” With Quadric Software’s industry-leading global data deduplication, customers are given enterprise-strength technology that leverages their storage choice–local disk, NAS, SAN, or cloud–to create dependable, secure, and disaster-proof data protection.

The A2 ships packed with cutting-edge features and tools, such as instant file-level restore, AES-256 block encryption, agent-based and agentless backup approaches, replication of VMs across virtualization stacks, and a cloud-friendly profile that interacts seamlessly with hybrid and tiered storage environments.

Quadric Software is recognized as a CitrixReady certified vendor and is heralded by CIO Applications Magazine as a top 25 business continuity provider in 2018.


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