Alike Appliance – Virtual Data Protection

The Alike Appliance (A2) is designed to offer a powerful, flexible, turnkey backup and recovery solution for comprehensive data protection. The A2 leverages our award winning Alike backup and recovery software, with broad support for offsite storage types, and unrivaled global-data deduplication, all in a simple, purpose built appliance that’s a snap to setup and use.

A2 Launch Update:

The Alike Appliance (A2) is finally here, and we’re excited to show its benefits! Download and get started today, for free!

Turnkey Solution


All-in-one, virtual backup appliance simplifies installation and speeds up deployment times.
Can be used to protect any Citrix Hypervisor (Formerly XenServer), XCP-ng, Microsoft Hyper-V, or even physical Windows Servers.  The A2 can even be run on bare-metal providing extreme levels of scalability and performance.

Flexible Licensing Options


New licensing plans provide more options that scale to meet your IT needs and your budget, while the Linux-based platform eliminates the cost of Windows licensing.


Offsite & Cloud Storage


Backup and recover with affordable local and cloud storage through Amazon S3 (other options to come).

Next Level Performance


Lightweight with highly efficient replication and deduplication, the A2 runs circles around the competition.


Military Grade Encryption


By default, the A2 provides 256bit AES encryption for all protected data. With further options for additional security and encryption in the cloud, Alike keeps you data safe wherever it is.

On the Road(map)


Now that the A2 is here, we have many exciting features in the works, stay tuned for “Boot from Backup”, restore to the cloud, and much more!

At Quadric Software, we are dedicated to providing the best possible protection for your environment. The A2 is designed for simplicity, speed, reliability and scalability.

We have always been dedicated to providing the most comprehensive protection while taking up a very limited amount of your valuable resources. We aren’t just engineers; we have experience working in real-world IT environments. We understand what users actually need instead of offering expensive solutions that don’t work in the end.

As our next generation platform for delivering new technology and features, such as boot from backup, we are excited to see how the A2 will help our customers get the tools they need and want.
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