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Alike DR’s Cloud Solutions

Offsite Vaulting in Alike DR is a powerful way to provide efficient, site level recovery. By vaulting some or all of your backups, you can store a deduplicated, encrypted copy of your data remotely.

With Alike DR, users can take advantage of Amazon’s S3 cloud storage to store backups safely and securely. Best of all, you don’t need any additional infrastructure to benefit from truly resilient DR protection.* Recover your files, VMs, or even your whole environment with just a few clicks.

Configuring Offsite Vaulting for Amazon S3

Configuring offsite vaulting for Amazon S3 is simple with Alike’s web-based user interface. All you have to do is set up your Amazon S3 account, add a bucket, then enter the information into Alike, and you’re ready to start vaulting your backups to the cloud.

Once your backup is sent to S3, you may restore at any time, from anywhere, directly from the cloud. If you lose your Alike installation, simply install a new copy of Alike, and point to an existing S3 bucket to view, list, and recover any backups previously vaulted.

*Please be aware that by sending your backups to Amazon’s S3, you will incur storage and usage costs directly from Amazon. Although Alike compresses and globally deduplicates your data before sending it to S3, undoubtedly large volumes of data will be involved. Please refer to Amazon’s S3 pricing for your region.

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