Disaster Recovery

The True Cost of Data Loss

Every year, over 40% of businesses fail after a major disaster. The reality is that any organization can lose data, at any time, for any number of reasons. Every IT budget should include a reliable BDR plan that securely and efficiently protects your environment and lets you restore data quickly.

Resilient Disaster Recovery

Quadric Software offers the most resilient disaster recovery and business continuity solution to protect and restore any IT environment. With our disaster recovery solution, you get unique features that extend data protection to several areas that are not addressed by our competitors.

Our advanced offsite vaulting features and cloud capabilities add extra protection to give you peace of mind. Our industry-leading, global deduplication replicates and compresses data efficiently to reduce storage space and overall costs. Whether you need to recover individual files, virtual machines, or your entire environment, we will have you up and running again in no time.

Alike DR

Alike DR was created to give users a feature-rich disaster recovery solution that can rapidly recover your systems with flexible options. Alike offers the ability to replicate between dissimilar environments, and you can replicate to and from different versions and editions with ease. This gives your IT staff more control over the amount of data restored and which hosts the data is restored to.

Offsite Vaulting

Alike DR’s Offsite Vaulting is a powerful way to provide efficient, low cost site-level recovery from anywhere with no offsite hypervisor hosts required. Site-level protection has never been so simple or powerful.

End-to-End Encryption

Encrypt your data at every stage of the backup process. Data is encrypted right at the source to secure data in flight and at rest. Get peace of mind while using local or cloud storage.

Enhanced VM Replication

Replicate running VMs to secondary environments in a single, efficient operation using flexible scheduling. Our intelligent, high performance replication leverages our powerful deduplication engine to only transfer unique, changed data saving time and bandwidth.

Cloud Storage

Store your backups safely and securely in your Amazon S3 account without requiring any additional offsite infrastructure. Alike’s simple, web-based user interface makes it easy to configure offsite vaulting with Amazon S3.

Scales on Demand

Alike’s source-side data deduplication and processing can scale with your virtual infrastructure to meet any workload via flexible resource and scheduling options.

Alike DR Free Trial

Our no-obligation trial gives you the backup, replication, restoration, and vaulting power of Alike DR for a full month. Plus, you get full access to our expert Support team. You and your IT team won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ve got this.

Whether physical servers are destroyed in a fire, important files are corrupted due to human error, or data is lost through a security breach, every business is susceptible to financial devastation without a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Start your free trial of Alike DR today!

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