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government agencies

Secure Data Protection for Military and Government Agencies

Data security is a priority for any organization, but for Military and Government Agencies, the need to protect and secure data is an absolute necessity. Finding a backup and recovery solution that meets high security requirements on a small budget is easy with Alike.

Quadric Software offers powerful, secure, and affordable data protection in an easy-to-use, complete BDR solution to local, state, and international governments. We’ve also provided backup software to Military organizations, and we offer special pricing for Military and Government Entities.

Case Study: Local Government

We proudly support a large number of local governments across the U.S. and in other countries. One of our most noteworthy case studies comes from the San Joaquin Superior Court in San Joaquin County, California.

“I was very impressed by the quality of the technical support and the team members’ knowledge. What was most impressive, though, was that they went above and beyond by providing support outside the software itself.”

—Anthony Hoppe, Systems Administrator, San Joaquin Superior Court in San Joaquin County, California

As the Systems Administrator, Anthony Hoppe knew he needed a backup and disaster recovery solution that’s secure, reliable, and one that has an excellent support team when you need it the most. Hoppe has been a satisfied Quadric Software customer since 2014.

Read about his experience with the quality of the product and the excellent technical support he’s received since he started using Alike DR in the full Case Study.

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