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The healthcare industry has unique data protection needs because of medical regulatory guidelines, such as HIPA. Patient records, billing, claims, and pharmaceutical documents all require secure backup and recovery.

Data loss or downtime aren’t an option in this industry, so a secure robust BDR solution is a must. We provide peace of mind to Healthcare organizations by safely protecting and securing their data and providing rapid recovery options with our Alike BDR solution.

Our experts are here to help you find the edition that will best balance your clinical demands while ensuring security and fast recovery. Find out which solution is right for your organization by requesting a customized quote today!

Case Study: Cedar Lake Health and Rehabilitation Center

Cedar Lake Health and Rehabilitation is part of Cedar Community, the nation’s 89th largest non-profit continuum of care organization. It serves the varied residential needs of more than 1,000 elderly and disabled individuals in Southeast Wisconsin.

For the Cedar Lake Health and Rehabilitation Center in West Bend, WI, disaster recovery is a mission-critical business requirement. The health and well-being of nearly 230 people who call the nursing care facility their home is at stake. That’s why they need a backup and disaster recovery solution they can rely on.

“When it comes to disaster planning, we can’t take any chances. Our data includes critical medication information and health records for our residents. If we were to have a disaster, it would be a scary situation.”

—Cathy Willett, Systems Administrator, Cedar Lake Health and Rehabilitation Center

Fortunately for Cedar Lake, they’ve never had a disaster that caused the loss of health information. They are also protected by a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy that includes Quadric Software’s powerful Alike DR solution.

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