A2 Storage Matrix

The Alike Appliance (A2) supports a variety of local and cloud based storage technologies for both your primary (local) storage (ADS), as well as offsite Vaulted storage (ODS).  Some of these options are considered ‘experimental‘, and while they have been tested to work, are not officially supported for production use.

Below is a matrix of the supported and experimental storage types, for both primary, and vaulted data store types.


Storage Type Primary (ADS) Vaulted (ODS)
Local Storage
NFS* Yes Yes
Local Disk* Yes Yes
SSH/SCP Share Exp. Exp.
GlusterFS Exp. Exp.
Cloud Storage 
Amazon S3 No Yes
BackBlaze B2 No Exp.
Google Cloud Storage No Exp.


*For the 3 main local storage technologies, a sparse data file format is utilized by default.  This format is recommended for most users, as it vastly simplifies the management and administration of your datastore.  For more information on the sparse datafile format, please see the following KB article.


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