Alike Data Store (ADS) Requirements

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Alike’s datastore, or ADS, contains all the deduplicated backup data for your installation of Alike. The main requirement for your ADS is that it must be available as a CIFS share. This share can reside on any CIFS compliant server, a NAS, or even local to the Alike Server itself. Here’s an explanation of the requirements for all three ADS options and the actions performed by the Alike installer.

ADS Requirements for a Fresh Install of Alike

If you are performing a fresh install of Alike you will prompted for the ADS location. Here, you can enter an existing CIFS share. You may also provide a local directory on the Alike server.

If you provide a local directory, Alike will attempt to share the folder you provide for you. The Alike installer will also create a local user account with full access to the ADS. This user account is used by the ABD to access the ADS during backups and restores.

Things to Keep in Mind
  • If Alike attempts to create a share for you and the Alike server has multiple IP addresses, Alike will prompt you to select one of the IPs to use for the share.
  • Be sure to select an IP address that the ABD/Q-Hybrid agents will be able to access.
  • If Alike attempts to create a share for your local storage, it will also create a Local User account for the ABD to use in order to access the newly created share.
ADS Local Storage Requirements
Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003:
  • Simple file sharing is not supported.
  • Please disable simple file sharing.
  • A support article on how to accomplish this is listed here.
Windows 7/2008 and up:
  • File and Printer sharing must be turned on for the network profile Alike is using.
Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2:
  • File Services Role must be installed.
  • See the support article on this here.

Final Notes
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