Alike Command Line Execution

Categories: Enhanced Backup, Q-Hybrid Backup, XenServer, Physical Systems, Hyper-V, Alike v3, Alike v4


Alike offers a simple command line tool to execute your configured jobs manually, or run a backup of a specific VM. This allows you to integrate your backups into any custom or third party systems you wish to use.

The Alike Command Line Tool can be found in the installation directory of Alike, and its syntax is as follows: AlikeCmd.exe

  • -e [uuid or target name] Execute Enhanced Backup
  • -b [uuid or target name] Execute Q-Hybrid Backup
  • -s [job name] Execute Job
  • AlikeCmd -b “dbb7db9d-01fb-8d2b-5cb2-a6c5c4b8d7e5” (Run a Q-Hybrid backup by uuid)
  • AlikeCmd -e “Sql Server01” (Run an Enhanced backup by name)
  • AlikeCmd -s “All Web Servers” (Trigger a pre-defined job)

Final Notes

Please Note:

  • All Job, VM and GUIDs are case-sensitive, and must be wrapped in quotes if any special characters are present.
  • When executing a job, Alike will run the specified job, even if it has been marked as disabled in the UI.
  • If a VM is specified by name, and multiple VMs are found with the same name, Alike will protect the first one it encounters.
  • If there are multiple VMs with the same name, using the GUID is highly recommended.

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