Alike Error: Unable to find VM

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Sometimes Alike displays the error “Unable to find VM in any licensed pool,” even though you can find the VM in question.

This KB article will cover potential causes for this error.

Error During Backup or Replication

When running a backup or replication job, Alike can sometimes log the error:

  • Unable to find VM ‘X’in any licensed pool


This error occurs when a VM in an Alike job:

  • No longer exists on any host, or in any pool that Alike knows about
  • Is on a host server that is not licensed by Alike

From the example in the screenshot above, the VM “Win2008R2 Lab Server17” was moved to a XenServer host that is not licensed by Alike. The same error would be given if that VM no longer existed.

Final Notes

*Please Note: This error does not occur when you change a VM’s name in XenCenter. Alike detects VM’s by their XenServer UUID, so any name, or other meta-information changes will not effect Alike’s ability to protect your VMs.

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