Configuring a Service Account

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In order to function properly, Alike requires that you configure your “Backup Scheduling Service” to run/login as an actual user account, instead of the default “Local System.” The user can be a local or domain administrator, or any custom account, but it will need local administrative privileges.

The Alike service in question is called “Alike Scheduling Service.” (NB. Older versions of Alike called the service “Backup Scheduling Service”)

Setting up Alike’s BackupScheduler Service to Use a Service Account

To assign a Service Account, type “services.msc” into the Start->Run window, and press enter. You should see the services control panel open up, and look something like the picture below:


Select “properties” of the Alike/Backup Scheduling Service, as shown. Then, enter a valid user account and password in the form provided, as shown below:


Be sure to apply the changes, and test them by starting the service. If successful, the services will start up, and you may see a message “User Account granted ran as service privileges.”

Now you should be able to run Q-Hybrid backup jobs freely.

Final Notes

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