XenServer VMPR Upgrade

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What is (was) VMPR? VMPR stands for Virtual Machine Protection and Recovery, and it was a popular, lightweight VM protection feature introduced in Citrix XenServer 6.1, Advanced edition and up.

VMPR for Citrix XenServer

With VMPR, users could automate and schedule XenServer snapshots, and optionally export XVA archives of their systems to external storage. While certainly not a robust or complete BDR solution, many Citrix customers enjoyed its simple touch of protection.

Perhaps because the feature lacked most of the expected guarantees of integrity and recoverability, Citrix decided to deprecate VMPR as of XenServer 6.2, when they fully open-sourced the XenServer platform. As part of this transition, Citrix chose Alike as an official upgrade path for existing VMPR users, due to its robust feature set, and unrivaled dedication to the XenServer platform.

If you are looking for an upgrade path for VMPR, Alike has you covered with everything VMPR had to offer, and much more.

Final Notes

Alike also offers peace of mind with its protection features:

  • Complete protection of your VMs
  • Unsurpassed storage savings with our powerful global deduplication
  • Your choice of advanced agentless or dynamic agent-based protection
  • Rigorous data integrity checking and self-healing features

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