Quadric Software’s MSP Advantage FAQ

What is the process for enrolling in MSP Advantage?
Joining our Partner program is simple. To start, just fill out our online application form. For more information or questions, you can ask our live chat web representative, email sales@quadricsoftware.com, or just give us a call.

What types of protection can I offer my customers using Quadric Software’s MSP Advantage Program?
Enrolling in our MSP Advantage program provides your customers full access to our Alike DR products feature set. This includes local backup and recovery (full VM and granular file level restore), as well as VM replication and Offsite Vaulting (backup replication). For more information, check out our online resources.

I have a combination of customers hosted in my datacenter and those with on-site installations of XenServer or Hyper-V. Can I protect both locations?
Absolutely. You can provide full backup, recovery and DR services for your customers with their own infrastructure as well as those you host.

How can I determine which deployment option is best for me and my customers?
We would be happy to assist you with tailoring a solution to meet your customers’ needs, just give us a call, or talk with one of our live chat representatives.

What costs are associated with enrolling in MSP Advantage?
There are no enrollment fees, except for the initial short-term commitment (see next question). As a pure software solution, there are no hardware appliances to purchase per customer. You only pay for what is used each month. This means with our software, you’re paying a fraction of what it would cost to purchase alternative solutions.

Are there any volume minimums or commitments required?
We do ask for an initial 6 month commitment. Our volume minimums (per protected VM across your client base) are very competitive.

Are there volume discounts?
Yes. The more VMs you protect across all of your clients, the higher the discount.

What are the recovery options for my customers?
Depending on your deployment, your customers would be able to perform local VM restores (full or file level), full VM or file level recovery from your datacenters, or even leverage warm replicated VMs in your datacenter.

How does the self-service portal work?
We provide total control for you in our portal. You can install new customers, manage your existing customers, view customer usage information, billing information, and performance statistics, have access to technical support, and more.

Is there any partner training or marketing assistance available?
Yes, we have many training and marketing materials available to help get your customers running optimally, as well as offering training sessions to our partners.

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