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Fast and Flexible

With advanced features, such as Changed Block Tracking and our unrivaled global deduplication, you can reduce your I/O and backup window, allowing you to protect more in less time.

Instant Access to your Data

With the A2, every file, folder and drive is a network share away. Thanks to the new RestoreFS, you can browse to any backup at anytime from any computer. No need to fumble with restore jobs, just jump in, grab your files, and be on your way.

Personable, Expert Support

We include full technical support with our 30-day free trial. When you buy either edition of Alike, you get a full year of personable technical support and expert advice on optimizing Alike’s performance. Plus, Alike’s web-based console automatically connects to our Knowledge Base for easy troubleshooting.

Turnkey Virtual Appliance

Spin up a virtual A2 in minutes. No more need to fuss with software installations, or Windows Server licenses, the A2 is a purpose built, turnkey appliance designed to protect your environment efficiently with ease.

Backup to the Cloud

Alike DR offers cross-platform support for virtual and physical platforms. True replication and offsite vaulting capabilities allow you to backup to and restore from any offsite location, including the cloud. Get peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure during a disaster.

Full Protection. Zero Downtime

Protect and restore the memory of your running systems without disrupting your production environment with our disk and memory state backups. Instant file-level recovery and independent drive selection also allow for flexible integration with existing backup systems.

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