Quadric Still the Leading Provider for Citrix XenServer Backup and Restore Solutions

Quadric Software Leverages Alike v4.2 Release to Reinforce Reputation as the Leading Provider for XenServer Backup and Restore Solutions in the Prospering Citrix XenServer Market

Focusing backup and restore enhancements in v4.2 on key aspects of Alike’s XenServer technical stack, Quadric Software expands its pioneering presence in the Xen community as Citrix moves XenServer forward in 2016.

Quadric Software, the creators of the leading backup and disaster recovery solution for XenServer, recently released their most powerful, efficient version of Alike. The release of Alike v4.2 demonstrates Quadric’s ongoing commitment to the XenServer platform. The update launched at an opportune time as Citrix amps up the XenServer market in 2016 with new and enhanced backup and restore features, functionality and performance in XenServer.

As the leading backup and restore vendor for the Citrix XenServer community, Quadric focused several optimizations in v4.2 on improving performance and scalability in XenServer environments. “We overhauled key aspects of our XenServer technical stack to optimize networking, I/O, and data processing performance,” said Phil Baskette, CEO of Quadric Software.

Our proficiency in XenServer remains unsurpassed. And we are confident that the agile methodology behind our enterprise-level backup and cloud solutions will continue to evolve.

The backup and restore enhancements in Alike v4.2 span all supported platforms to improve performance for Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows servers as well. But it is the enhanced support for XenServer in Alike that mirrors Citrix’s move to reinforce the platform, including a push to improve scalability and infrastructure stability.

Offering enterprise solutions at affordable prices is one of Quadric Software’s greatest strengths. Optimizing Alike’s backup and restore performance for XenServer plays a large role in that success. “Our proficiency in XenServer remains unsurpassed,” said Baskette, adding, “And we are confident that the agile methodology behind our enterprise-level backup and cloud solutions will continue to evolve and migrate to emerging trends in the market, no matter what path Citrix carves out for XenServer.

Quadric Software focused the release of Alike v4.2 on improving backup and restore performance and efficiency through multiple processing enhancements and algorithmic optimizations. In fact, the backup speeds in 4.2 are up to 50% faster than in previous versions of Alike, and some customers have reported even better performance in their environments. Alike 4.2 also introduces a new Bottleneck Analysis feature that allows users to find performance issues quickly and easily with instant bottleneck detection notes and tips when congestion is detected.

You can find more information on the latest release of Alike in the v4.2 release notes. Stay informed by visiting Quadric’s Blog. Sign up for Quadric’s E-newsletters here.

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