Summer 2017 Roundup: 5 Links You Should Bookmark Now

Sunset on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

Sunset on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

It’s mid-August, and summer is winding down here in “Vermont’s Silicon Valley.” While many Vermonters are taking advantage of the last days of the season with vacations full of lazy days, here at Quadric we’re still hard at work putting the final touches on the new Alike Appliance (A2).

We’re very excited about the upcoming release of Alike v5.0. That’s why we’ve been focused on improving Alike with a ton of performance enhancements and new features to make it even faster, more efficient, and easier to install and deploy. Plus, our Marketing Team has been in full swing working on a few behind-the-curtain, snazzy website changes for the upcoming A2 launch.

However, just because we’ve been busy this summer doesn’t mean we can’t relax and have fun by swapping humorous, and oftentimes bizarre, gems that we have mined from random Internet searches. From hilarious Reddit posts to helpful tips, we’ve rounded up our top 5 summer picks.

5 Safe Ways to View the Solar Eclipse

First up, one of the most trending topics on the Internet now is the 2017 solar eclipse. After researching why staring directly at the eclipse will hurt your eyes our Marketing Director thought it would be useful to share a quick post on how to safely view the upcoming eclipse.

Check out this video Ashley found via NPR offering 5 safe, and a few ridiculous, ways to view the solar eclipse. Whatever method you choose, don’t forget it’s happening this Monday!

Researchers Discover How the Reed Warbler Maps It’s Location.

One of our Senior Engineers has a bit of a bird obsession. To put it more accurately, Felix has a biology obsession, which is great for us, because we get to learn a lot of cool facts about plant and animal life. Like the fact that scientists have just discovered how the Reed Warbler maps its location using magnetic declination. Read the full article from Science Daily.


5 Things You Know if You Own a Pitbull

Recently, one of our Free Trial Liaisons wrote about her experience as a customer advocate at Quadric. Emily compared her role at Quadric to her role as a Pit Bull Advocate. So this list wouldn’t be complete without a video about the true Pit Bull demeanor. And you don’t have to be a Pit Bull owner or advocate to appreciate this video. Ps, Emily has confirmed that Pits are immense snorers.

True Facts About the Tarsier

Next up, our CEO and CTO both wanted to jump in when we started asking folks around the office for their top picks from the web. This hilarious video, shared by our CEO, Phil Baskette, has become an office favorite. The best part is that you’ll learn some actual true facts in this nature mockumentary.

Sh*tty Helperbot

We simply could not leave out this Imgur post discovered by our CTO, Max Ekstrom. When he’s not at work or running 5Ks in his free time, Max is researching “cutting-edge” robotic technology, as demonstrated in this gif. Everyone at the office agrees this one is definitely LOL worthy.

Shitty helperbot

Stay Tuned for More!

That’s it for our end of summer roundup. We have a lot of other exciting things in store for the fall, including Alike v5.0 launch updates, so stay tuned!

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