Introducing A2 – The New Alike Appliance


Offering Next-Gen Data Protection for Virtual Environments

In recent posts, we’ve been talking a lot about cyber security and disaster recovery. Because of the recent wave of ransomware attacks, we know that finding reliable defenses against cyber criminals has become a top priority for businesses. That’s why we’ve focused on offering our readers suggestions and advice on disaster recovery and ransomware protection.

And now we are pleased to announce that in the coming months, we will launch a Virtual Backup Appliance as part of a move toward offering next-gen data protection for more comprehensive business continuity offerings. Read on to learn more, and be sure to check out our short video on A2.

The new Alike Appliance (A2) is a single, easy-to-deploy, turnkey solution. It is designed to provide highly integrated data protection to ensure that customers have secure and recoverable backups, while simplifying installation, and lowering overall cost. Just like the current version of Alike, the A2 will support both Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, and physical Windows servers.

Key Benefits
  • Easy – Pre-configured, self-contained virtual backup appliance simplifies deployment and eliminates potential compatibility and OS issues
  • Fast – Lightweight appliance features industry-leading, global deduplication for increased performance saves users valuable time
  • Affordable – New licensing plans provide more options that scale to meet your IT needs and your budget, while the Linux-based platform excludes the cost of Windows licensing
  • Flexible – Physical offsite and cloud storage through Amazon S3 (more options to come) help you meet your RTO and other business goals
  • Secure – Secure data encryption protects your systems and your data from next-gen hackers and cyber criminals
  • Advanced – More features to help make your life easier are on the way, such as Boot from Backup – allowing users to instantly restore a VM directly from a backup – and many more

Our goal has always been to offer cost-effective and comprehensive data protection. The new A2 will provide the same high performance, lightweight and reliable data protection but with the added simplicity of an appliance that is both low cost and low maintenance with improved performance and scalability. We’re very excited to see how the daily, real-world application of A2 will help our customers.

We’re launching soon, so stay tuned for A2 updates on our blog or by following us on social media!

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