What it Means to be a Quadric Software Partner

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Around this time every year, we like to reflect on our accomplishments over the past 12 months. We can’t think of a better way to do this than recognizing all of our wonderful partners around the world. And since it is also that time of year to say thanks, we’d like to express our appreciation for all of our backup service providers and resellers.

Without our partners, ranging from Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We like to think that our relationships with our partners not only reflect who we are as a company; they also reflect our company’s core values.

What are those core values?

Commitment to Customer-Driven, Technical Innovation

We have always been committed to providing our customers and backup service providers with sustained, enterprise solutions at competitive prices. That means a lot of our efforts go into creating a backup solution that users actually need, and without all the bloat that we see in a lot of our competitors’ solutions.

Our partners understand that Alike is designed with the user experience in mind, and constantly shaped by user feedback. This value is baked into everything we do at Quadric, and it’s the reason many Alike users have migrated to us from competing solutions (see “Quadric Named One of the Top 20 Virtualization Service Providers of 2016” for more).

Because our partners understand that we create products for real users in real situations, we have earned their trust and the trust of their customers. And in our humble opinion, that is real innovation.

Respect for the (IT) Environment

While we do have respect for (THE) environment, we are referring to our users’ IT environments. Whenever we launch a new feature, we ensure that any improvement to our solution reflects our commitment to treading lightly on our customers’ environments. Our goal is to ultimately save them time and money, which is another key selling point for our partners.

For instance, when we released CBT for XenServer last year, we were the first backup solution in our class to do so. This was a huge advantage for many of our XenServer users, since CBT saves them time, and our unique global deduplication saves a significant amount of storage space.

Quadric CEO, Phil Baskette, put it best the CBT release article published last year:

“Whenever we expand our data protection features, it’s with the goal to help IT Administrators reduce their workload, save them money, and secure their backup environments to provide a quick recovery. We are proud to say that the new CBT feature reflects this mission…”

It was also an excellent incentive for our partners to forge new relationships with customers. We put a lot of energy into helping partners foster relationships with end customers, and we do this with launching new features that customers want and need.

Trust and Integrity

For partners and customers alike, we’ve grown a reputation for being a company that you can trust. Everything we do is done with integrity. The type of support we provide our partners is a prime example.

We take pride in offering assistance to our partners in any way we can, from technical support to making sure they have all information they need about our product features. And our partners can trust that they will always get an honest, straightforward answer to their questions, as well as the most pertinent information and updates so that their customers can spend less time on fixing problems and more time on protecting their systems.

Closing Thoughts

While we haven’t covered all of our core values here, these are just a few examples of how the same values that helped start this company have always been the force behind how we do business with our partners.

Whether you’re a current partner, or you’re considering becoming one, learn why so many MSPs and resellers around the world trust us to provide BDR solutions for their customers.

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