Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for XenServer

Quadric Software is the first and only backup vendor to offer Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for XenServer. No other backup vendor is as dedicated to the XenServer platform. And we’ve proven it by pioneering CBT for XenServer.

Alike offers CBT backups for Citrix XenServer v6.5 onwards.  As of XenServer 7.3, Citrix provided a native CBT API, which Alike can also take advantage of as well.

Learn more about CBT for Citrix XenServer and why Alike is the #1 backup choice for XenServer.

CBT for XenServer

As the only backup solution that provides CBT for XenServer version earlier than 7.3, Alike reduces your backup windows to help meet your RPO goals.

Visionary Engineering

We have always been committed to developing unique technology to ensure that you get the most efficient XenServer protection.

Save Time & Storage Space

Add Alike’s unique global deduplication for the best compression ratios in the business, and you save both time and storage space!

Backup & Replication

You have the option to use CBT for both backup and replication jobs, giving you time to focus on other important tasks.

Why is Alike Considered the Best Backup Solution for XenServer?
  • Changed Block Tracking for XenServer 6.5 and up & CBT for Hyper-V 2012 and up.
  • Created and supported by XenServer experts who know Xen best.
  • Industry-leading global deduplication offering impressive compression ratios.
  • Flexible, affordable licensing to help you meet your RTO and RPO goals.
  • Easy-to-use, web-based interface to make your life easier.
  • And much more!

Citrix Ready Certified for Out-of-the-Box Protection

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Alike was the first XenServer backup solution to gain Citrix Ready certification. IT pros know us as the “XenServer Experts” because no one knows this platform better than we do. That’s why we ensure that Alike is always ready to use right out of the box with each and every Citrix XenServer update. We mean it when we say No One Does XenServer Better!

Not satisfied with your current solution? Join the thousands of organizations around the world who trust Alike to protect their XenServer environment. Take Alike for a 30-day test drive.

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