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What's new in Alike v3.0.2

Date Added September 19, 2013

Alike v3.0.2 contains a few new features in addition to the minor bugfixes and other improvements. Detailed below are a couple highlights of what's new.

The Alike Dashboard
The new dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of what Alike is doing at a glance. You can see in the screenshot below that the overall job health, background activity and some useful historical data is shown.

Revert Restore / Restore as Copy
Alike now offers more flexibility with its full VM restores.  With revert restores, Alike can quickly and easily revert the original VM back to a previous backup. Furthermore, if you 'revert' restore a VM that doesn't exist in the host/pool you are restoring to, Alike will restore your VM with your original UUID.

On the other hand, if you want to restore a VM to an environment where the original still exists, the restore as copy option allows you to safely restore your backup, with a new name and UUID.

Alike Command-line Scripting
Alike now offers some simple command line options to allow you to run configured jobs from a script or manually. Furthermore, you can execute an ad-hoc Enhanced or Q-Hybrid backup of any VM by name or GUID. More details on how to use the tool can be read here.

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