ABD Error: address family not supported by protocol

Categories: Troubleshooting, XenServer, Alike v3, Alike v4


This KB article covers the symptoms, cause, and resolution of the ABD error, “address family not supported by protocol.” This applies to XenServer only for Alike v3.x and v4.x.


You encounter the following error message during an ABD diagnostic, backup or other ABD operations.

“address family not supported by protocol”


This can occur when the ABD is unable negotiate a CIFS connection to your data store share. This usually occurs when your ADS path contains a DNS or Netbios name.


Change the DNS or Netbios name in the ADS path to an IP address.

Final Notes

If you are still receiving this error code after trying these suggestions, please open a support ticket. See the KB article, “How to Use Quadric Support,” for instructions on how to open a ticket.

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