ABD Provisioning Error: UUID Invalid

Categories: Error Codes, XenServer, ABD, Backup, Replication, Alike v4


If you are receiving an error similar to the following log entry during your ABD diagnostic test, backup or replication jobs, please follow the steps outlined in this article to resolve the issue.

Example Error message:

  • Job ID: X: Provisioning ABD … Done. Detecting networking…
  • Job ID: X: Removing ABD and cleaning up temporary resources
  • Job ID: X: The uuid you supplied was invalid.

Steps to Fix

The above error can be found either in your BackupScheduler logfile, or in the web UI in the Joblog details.

Please use the following steps to resolve the issue causing this code:

  1. Open your Alike Manager (Web console), and navigate to the Manage ABDs page as shown.
  2. Manage_ABDs

  3. Edit the Pool in question as shown.
  4. Add_Edit_IPs

  5. Select the proper XenNetwork for your ABD to use. Please be sure to pick a network that can access you ADS CIFS share.
  6. Pick_Xen_Net

  7. Click Save, then re-run your failing job.

Final Notes

If you are still having issues after following the steps above, please be sure you read the article “How to Use Quadric Support” to familiarize yourself with our ticketing system before opening a ticket.

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