Alike Troubleshooting Guide

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Although Alike is designed to be simple to use, sometimes errors occur. If you experience errors in your jobs, or with configuring Alike, there are a few places to check first for more details.

Basic Troubleshooting

There are four general places to look for information about what Alike is (or is not) doing:

  • Alike Manager Dashboard
  • Alike Manager’s Activity page
  • Alike’s log file (AlikeScheduler.log)
  • Windows Event log

The Activity (or job log details) for any given job shows all the steps taken in that job, and any errors that occurred. This is generally the best place to start.

The AlikeScheduler.log file, located in the “logs” directory of your installation folder contains the most detail on all the Alike job activity, background tasks, and all other aspects of Alike’s operation.

Although Alike does send event to the Windows event log, it is best to review this log for system level errors that might have interfered with Alike, or cause underlying errors.

Final Notes

You can find more troubleshooting steps in the following guides:

ABD Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Validation Issues

If you are still having problems, please open a support ticket. See the KB article, “How to Use Quadric Support,” for instructions on how to open a ticket.

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