Orphaned VDI Prevents Coalesce

Categories: Troubleshooting, XenServer, Alike v3, Alike v4


If you encounter the following error during your leaf coalesce operations, please refer to the following steps to correct the situation.

Please ensure you have valid backups of the VM in question as manual manipulation of your XenServer environment can be dangerous. This workaround is provided as a courtesy, but if you are uncomfortable with the proceeding, please contact Citrix support for further assistance.

Error Message Symptom Cause
Failed to execute leaf coalesce: orphaned VDI: [uuid] One or more VMs are unable to leaf coalesce. This is due to an orphaned VDI in your SR that is still associated with one or more VMs. XenServer fails the leaf coalesce process when it encounters a VDI that it cannot access.


Please be careful when performing these steps, modifying your SR manually can be dangerous. Ensure you have valid backups of your VMs prior to proceeding.

  1. Find the offending VDI by running “lvdisplay” from the console of your XenServer pool master. Look through your results for a line containing the VDI UUID from your error message, like this:
    • LV Name /dev/VG_XenStorage-b0a1ad60-dbdc-92a4-eba1-e2da7803097c/VHD-71cc1048-4481-410a-9aeb-f79eb42894c3
  2. Ensure no other VM is using the VDI in question.
  3. Remove all orphaned entries of the VDI by running the lvremove command, like this:
    • lvremove /dev/VG_XenStorage-b0a1ad60-dbdc-92a4-eba1-e2da7803097c/VHD-71cc1048-4481-410a-9aeb-f79eb42894c3
  4. You should now be able to run a leaf coalesce normally.

Final Notes

If you are still receiving these error codes after troubleshooting, please open a support ticket. See the KB article, “How to Use Quadric Support,” for instructions on how to open a ticket.

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