Self Healing Storage in Alike v3

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Please note: This article is specific to Alike versions 3 and prior.

Alike Free*, Standard and DR editions all include a feature called self healing storage. Learn how it works in this KB article.

How it Works

This functionality is completely automated and is performed in the background during operation. If Alike encounters corruption on any of its deduplicated data, it will automatically seek out new, valid copies of that data to repair itself again.

Alike is able to detect corruption or missing data via its VM Validation feature, which ensures all new VM backups are valid as they are processed. Once a VM version has been validated, a check mark will appear next to it in the VM Explorer window, indicating that version fully valid.

If a particular backup is found to be invalid, Alike will mark that VM, and any other VM that uses the invalid data, notifying the administrator. Then, when the new data is encountered, Alike will automatically repair the invalid versions, recovering the corrupted data.

Final Notes

*Please Note: Alike Free is no longer available for download.

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