Shadow Copy Error: 0x800423F3

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The Shadow Copy error code 0x800423F3 is caused by the Acronis VSS provider being registered on the system. Due to a bug in the Acronis uninstall process, this provider can remain registered even after the product is removed.

In Alike, Q-Hybrid or Hyper-v backups fail to take a VSS snapshot with the error: “0x800423F3”

Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

  1. On the effected system, open the registry editor (regedit), and locate the following entry:
  2. Delete the tree with the GUID {f782463b-33bb-4043-ad8d-60b728d26a6c}
    (You may wish to right click and export the tree before deleting)
  3. Restart the system to allow the registry changes take effect.

Final Notes

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