How to Get the Fastest Hyper-V Backups with Alike’s CBT

Get the Fastest Hyper-V Backups with CBT

Want the fastest Hyper-V backups? With the release of Alike 4.6, users can now get the fastest Hyper-V backups with Alike’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology for Enhanced backups. Using CBT for Hyper-V backup and replication jobs dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete the job. In fact, in the Hyper-V CBT video below, a subsequent CBT backup job was completed in a fraction of the time it took for the initial job.

CBT reduces the job time because this job method reads only those blocks on disk that have changed since the last backup, instead of reading the entire disk. Alike’s CBT for Hyper-V uses far less I/O, which means less stress and energy used on the virtual environment. By saving time and energy, SysAdmins can also save the company money on bandwidth and other valuable resources.

fastest hyper-v backupsCombined with Alike’s global data deduplication, offsite vaulting, replication, backup data validation, and many other powerful features, Alike offers a highly competitive enterprise-level solution at an affordable price. This is why IT pros with Microsoft Hyper-V environments choose Alike to protect their data.

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