Love at First Byte: Celebrating Our Partnership with Citrix

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As part of our Partner Appreciation month, we’d like to honor one of our most respected technical partners this week. We have been a Citrix partner since Alike earned its Citrix Ready certification in 2011, and since that time, our relationship with Citrix continues to back our reputation as the BDR vendor most dedicated to XenServer.

Because we’ve always taken pride in our XenServer expertise, we’d like to talk about how our partnership with Citrix highlights our experience with, and our esteem for, this well-established virtual platform.

Working with Citrix to Create the Most Powerful XenServer Backup Solution

Since Quadric’s inception, we have made it a priority to ensure that Alike offers the best XenServer backup experience for our customers. And one of the ways we’re constantly improving Alike for XenServer is to work closely with Citrix to make sure Alike is 100% compatible with every XenServer update, right out of the box.

From pre-launch testing, to coming up with new ways to offer technological advancements that no other backup vendor can provide, we can safely say that no one is as dedicated to the XenServer platform as we are. In fact, Alike was the first backup solution to offer near-continuous data protection for XenServer, which is just one of the many examples of our commitment to Citrix and the XenServer platform.

Alike’s CBT for XenServer

Last year, Quadric hit a major milestone in our company’s history. With the release of Alike v4.5, we introduced Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for XenServer. This innovative new feature provided Alike users with faster backups for their XenServer environments. The joke around the office is that Alike’s CBT for Xen puts your backups into ludicrous speed.

alike v4.2 backups are in ludicrous speed

Earlier this week, Citrix announced that the XenServer 7.3 release will include their own CBT API to allow “backup vendors to develop more efficient backups.”

For years, we’ve focused on fostering our partnership with Citrix so that we can improve Alike, its technical stack, and the XenServer user experience. Alike’s CBT for XenServer was a major part of this goal.

Designed to provide highly efficient backups, Alike’s CBT not only saves more storage space, but also significantly reduces the I/O required for each backup. This relieves a lot of stress on IT environments while helping our customers meet their overall budgeting needs.

Now, the integration of Alike’s unique technology with Citrix’s new CBT for XenServer hits another milestone for Quadric, and our partnership with Citrix. Our release of XenServer CBT before the XS 7.3 release demonstrates how a strategic partnership offers the most powerful solution for protecting XenServer environments.

We are proud to say that our collaboration with Citrix consistently enhances our XenServer portfolio and reinforces our joint commitment to help organizations large and small get the best backup solution for XenServer.

This video showcases some of the more specific ways in which we honor that commitment.

Improving Business Continuity & Productivity

Our partners and customers rely on us to simplify the protection of their XenServer (or mixed) environments, which means that they also count on us to work with Citrix to deliver the most efficient, innovative products to secure their data and protect their systems from threats, such as ransomware.

Put simply, the scope of our collaboration Citrix has always and will continue to include our promise to go above and beyond customer and partner expectations to constantly improve the user’s experience.

Perhaps our CEO, Phil Baskette, said it best in a press release from last year…

Our proficiency in XenServer remains unsurpassed. And we are confident that the agile methodology behind our enterprise-level backup and cloud solutions will continue to evolve.

While we have worked years to build our reputation as the leading backup solution for XenServer, we’re not stopping there. We’re very excited about the potential advancements that can only come from a partnership like the one we’re proud to have with Citrix.

As we celebrate our strong foundation with a such a prolific partner, we can’t help feel excited about the endless possibilities for the upcoming new year, and many years to come.

For the other proud Citrix partners out there, be sure to check out what’s happening at the upcoming Citrix Summit 2018!

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