File Level Installation Error: ‘Could not find part of the path’

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If Alike’s File Level Restore (FLR) driver fails to load properly for Windows 7 32bit systems, this KB will show you how to fix a v3.0 Alike installation when the file level restore driver is not properly installed.

*Please Note: This is a problem in Alike v3.0. If you are experiencing this issue, we highly recommend that you download the latest version of Alike.

Error Message

Failed to install driver for File Level restore with error:

  • Could not find a part of the path ‘\bin\flr\WIN7\i386\flrdriver.sys’…

When the above error message appears, FLR jobs will fail to run.


Alike v3.0 has a known issue installing the proper drivers for File Level Restores to function properly on Windows 7 (and possibly Vista) 32bit systems.

  1. Locate the file ‘flr.7z’ in the Alike installation directory, under the folder ‘bin’
  2. Extract the archive and copy the file ‘flr\wxp\i386\flrdriver.sys’ file to the ‘%WINDIR%\system32\drivers\’ folder
  3. Import the required registry keys by double clicking the ‘flr.reg’ file in the Alike\bin directory
  4. Reboot the computer running Alike for the settings to take effect
  5. Run a File Level restore job to ensure everything is now working properly

  6. Final Notes

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