Alike Admin Guide (v4)


ABD Diagnostics

One simple way to get a snapshot of your environment’s performance, and some guidance for troubleshooting is to run a diagnostic test against each of your configured resource pools. This test will give you an extremely simple view of the SR performance (read and write throughput), as well as the ADS throughput and latency.

Please note: these numbers are for comparison purposes only, and by no means constitute a full benchmark of your environment.

SR Read/Write
This measures the rough throughput your selected SR is able sustain for read and write operations. This is a pure test of your SR speed, and troubleshooting is beyond the scope of the Alike installation. Please check with your storage vendor, or Citrix support for assistance.

ADS Read/Write
This number indicates a rough measurement of the performance of the CIFS share as seen from the ABDs. It can be used to evaluate any adjustments or tuning made to your CIFS share.

ADS Latency
This is a simple latency test (ping) from the ABD to the ADS’s CIFS share. Please note, icmp ping must be available to the ADS host for this test to function. The higher this number is, the lower your backup/restore performance will be. In LAN situations, you should generally see less than 2-3ms, ideally less than 1ms. WAN performance will vary greatly, and should be factored into backup windows.